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“There is not a man of us who does not at times need a helping hand to be stretched out to him, and then shame upon him who will not stretch out the helping hand to his brother.”

- Theodore Roosevelt

Taking Action in Our Communities

Scottish Rite members from across the State of Washington have been taking action in our communities by volunteering and supporting great causes.

Early Life Speech & Language

Early Life Speech & Language provides intensive speech therapy for children age 2-7 struggling with speech delays, at no cost to families. A key part of the program includes educating parents and caregivers so they can help their children succeed during and beyond treatment.

Early Life Speech & Language currently operates two clinics, one in the Seattle area (Shoreline) and one in Spokane. In addition, they offer services in eight other communities throughout the state by contracting with independent therapists, clinics, and hospitals. Through the financial support of the Scottish Rite Masons, private donors, and dedicated volunteers – more than 4000 children have received life-changing clinical services since inception.


For more information, visit the Early Life Speech & Language website.

The Scottish Rite Scholarship Foundation of Washington

The Foundation was established to provide top performing college students with scholarships and fellowships that will assist in their higher education goals. Since 1958, our objective has remained strong of "Preserving American Ideals Through Education".

The Scottish Rite Scholarship Foundation of Washington proudly awards numerous scholarships each year to undergraduate students in the State of Washington. The scholarship is purely merit-based to promote and foster dedicated students in their path to success. In addition, the Foundation takes great pride in assisting graduate students in their journey. The individual schools choose the Fellows for their respective programs from students already enrolled and working toward their degree.


For more information, visit the The Scottish Rite Scholarship Foundation of Washington website.

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